Philips Senseo Original HD6553/67 – Koffiepadapparaat – Zwart

Fast and easy operation
• The only coffee pod maker that brews two cups at a time
• 30-minute auto shut-off for energy saving and safety


Coffee variety for every moment
• Vast variety of SENSEO® coffee blends and flavors


Coffee Boost technology
Coffee Boost technology disperses the hot water, via 45 aroma nozzles, evenly through each SENSEO® coffee pad. Get the most out of your coffee pad for the best tasting SENSEO® coffee.


Crema plus technology
Crema Plus technology ensures the finest and most velvety crema layer. For each SENSEO® cup of coffee.


1 or 2 cups at the same time
Prepare 1 or 2 cups of your delicious SENSEO® coffee in less than a minute.


Automatic shut-off
The SENSEO® coffee maker automatically shuts off after 30 minutes after making coffee, for energy cost saving and appliance safety.


Variety of blends and flavors
SENSEO® has a vast variety of different coffee blends and flavors. Each blend has its own distinctive taste to fit your personal preference.